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Southeast Asia Trip, Day 4: Chiang Mai

Lunch today: best food of the trip, so far. Khao Soi is a Northern Thai specialty consisting of a curry coconut milk broth with egg noodles and chicken, topped with crispy dried noodles.

We visited several of Chiang Mai’s temples today, and Danielle realized why velcro shoes are the footwear of choice for Wat-hopping. (Untie laces, remove shoes, enter temple, leave temple, put on shoes, tie laces, repeat.)

Epilogue: We finally had good pad Thai. As with all things, “If you want it done right, do it yourself.” With the help of Yui–our Thai cooking instructor and a veritible wok guru–we learned how to cook pad Thai, tom kha kai, panaeng curry and green curry.

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  1. Danielle [subscribed to comments] said:

    Glad you’re feeling better, Ron- and good to know that the middle of nowhere has Internet access.

    An additional thought on Bangkok- just about all transportation is negotiable (Hope you’re doing a separate entry on your bargaining prowess). But we’re not as good at it as we thought. On our way home from the Suaan Lum Night Bazaar (home of some very cool puppets, rice paper, better portrait artists than any you’ll see on the sidewalks of New York, and overall great hanging out), the three of us caught a taxi back to the hotel at the hard-negotatied price of 250 baht. We had been told by Jerry, our first tour guide, that a good Thai bargainer gets prices down by 50%- a good American one by maybe 25. So the taxi negotiation was well in range.

    Today I took almost the same ride back to the same hotel, but on the meter. Price? 79 baht. Ting Tong!

  2. Ron [author of post] said:

    not only does the middle of nowhere have fast and reliable internet access, but we’ve been taking the hottest showers of our trip! :) (also, rush laundry service!)

    btw, today we found a GIANT version of your buddha–it was spectacular. can’t wait to get back and see all of our (collective) photos on the big screen.

    hope you have a good trip home! we miss you!


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