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Southeast Asia Trip, Day 2: Bangkok

Spent today exploring the city. I bought (and wore) a bright yellow shirt today, bearing the King’s crest and some other symbols which I hope don’t say “Kick Me” in Thai. Follow the logic of this purchase:

  • The King of Thailand (King Rama IX) was born on a Monday
  • Monday’s color is… yellow.
  • Every Monday, most Thais wear yellow in honor of their king.
  • I prefer to blend in seamlessly when I travel.
  • I did not bring a yellow shirt with me.
  • Ergo, I had to buy the yellow shirt.

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  1. Danielle [subscribed to comments] said:

    I LOVE that you got your whole office in on this. So much so that I’m thinking of playing along at home. Looking forward to the rest of this week’s photos- I guess you’re on your honor for Saturday and Sunday.

  2. Ron [author of post] said:

    :) be sure to take a picture!


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