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Southeast Asia Trip, Day 13: Luang Prabang

More cinnamon buns for breakfast. (Doubled up this time–bought two. :@) )

Had a very Seinfeldian moment. I was negotiating with a boatman for passage across the Mekong river (we wanted to take a short hike to an underground cave temple), and when all was said and done, we were paying more for the ride than he initially offered. (I’m usually an effective negotiator–ask Sara or Danielle; but dealing in three currencies–Lao kip, Thai bhat, and U.S. dollar, all three of which are readily and interchangeably used here–tripped me up!)

P.S., Today we were able to post a random handful of our trip photos.

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  1. Danielle tracked back:

    Great pictures. Thanks for posting proof that I actually rode the elephant- up to now, I only had evidence that you guys did. Looks like you’re having a great next leg of the trip. Wish I were there- you can’t get decent cinnamon rolls or monk blessings almost anywhere in Queens!

    Happy travels!

  2. Ron [author of post] tracked back:

    we tried a cinnamon roll from another bakery today–inferior. travelers, take note: the Scandinavian Bakery is the only trustworthy cinnamon bun source.


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