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Southeast Asia Trip, Day 12: Luang Prabang

Woke up early (6am) to see the “Saffron Circuit:” the striking procession of Louang Prabang’s 500 orange-robed monks as they walk through the Old City to collect their day’s food from local residents.

But my true motivation for getting up early was the freshly baked cinnamon bun I devoured after the monks’ morning ritual. Best cinnamon bun I’ve ever had–ever. (Perhaps the one benefit of Laos’s French occupation.)

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  1. Courtney [subscribed to comments] tracked back:

    It must get expensive to live near a monastery. Still, it is beautiful to see the long queue of men dressed in almost identical orange robes.

  2. Ron [author of post] tracked back:

    hmm, it’s probably still cheaper than tithing–and at least you know that your donation is used as you intend; i doubt that any monk has ever embezzled rice. :D


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