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Southeast Asia Trip, Day 6: Chiang Mai

Despite it feeling like “DisneyWat,” we really enjoyed seeing the mountain temple at Doi Suthep. But today’s highlight was actually the banana waffle I ate at the bottom of the temple.

We also inadvertantly pissed off a few locals today, by overpaying for the sangtheaw (small public bus) the were in. This had the unfortunate and undesried effect of making the driver take a circuitous , “scenic” route (to make us think we’d gotten our money’s worth, I presume). The passengers started to wonder about the unusual (and inconvenient) route, and we could hear their agitation without understanding their words. They figured out that we were the culprits when we stopped the sangtheaw and paid… we heard them saying “fa-rong” as they rolled their eyes. (Fa-rong literally means “guava,” but it’s slang for an occidental. And we’re still not sure whether it’s derogatory.)

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  1. Krista said:

    I went to the same tempel and the banana waffles were amazing!!! I want to find the recipe :)

  2. Ron [author of post] said:

    i have a photo of that banana waffle… but i look dorky in it, so i can’t post it. sorry. :)


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