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Southeast Asia Trip, Day 10: Crossing Into Laos

We bade good-bye to our lovely new friends, Charlie and Chris, drove to Chiang Khong and crossed into Laos. Our first observation about the country: that the tourists here are generally much more fit and attractive than those in Thailand. (Chris and Charlie are a noteworthy exception.)

Had a long conversation with the interesting couple (Regina and Manfred from Austria) staying in the next bungalow; apparently, Austrians are very upset that the death penalty exists in the U.S. And as the four of us were talking out on our porch, a young blond woman with European looks walked past, heard part of our conversation, exclaimed, “Americans are bad!” and went into her bungalow. How shameful, silly and closed-minded.

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  1. Sara [subscribed to comments] said:

    …we also found a great friend in our guesthouse owner, Singh, who was a life-saver the next day when we found ourselves unable to locate our boat headed for Luang Prabang. I ran back to the guesthouse to use the phone, but he took service one step farther and whisked me back to the pier on his motorcycle to straighten things out. The look on Ron’s face as I came speeding down to the pier on the back of Singh’s motorcycle was absolutely priceless. :)


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