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Comment Policy

So far, I’ve been lucky enough not to have to deal with a deluge of blog spam (thanks to Akismet), nor with many inappropriate comments.

But the internet is full of people who suprise me with their seemingly boundless ignorance and/or rudeness, so I feel the need to lay down the law. If you’re not sure who’s in charge here, look at the name in the URL for a hint. You are welcome (and encouraged!) to post here, but please follow the rules; I’m sure you’ll agree they’re quite reasonable.

And now, with apologies to the 99% of you who don’t need them in the first place (and yes, i do realize that the other 1% won’t even bother to read this), here are the rules:

  1. Keep your post on-topic. This rule applies doubly if you don’t know me personally. (If you have to ask what the topic is… your comment probably isn’t on-topic.)
  2. Rudeness or personal attacks against anyone (but especally against me :D ) are forbidden.
  3. Provide a real email address (it won’t be made public) and a real website, if you choose to include one. The real website should be your own, personal blog or site.

Violations of these rules will cause me to do one or more of the following:

  • immediately delete your comment without notice
  • block you from commenting here again
  • add your information (IP address, etc.) to Akismet’s global blacklist database
  • contact your ISP to report any violations of their Terms of Service
  • inflict upon thy house: blood, frogs, vermin, wild beasts, pestilence, boils, hail, locusts, darkess and the slaying of the first born.

Thanks for reading. Now, please go and post your legitimate comments with abandon. Be prolific. And thanks for the joining the discussion!