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My Costa Rica Itinerary

Group leader: the incomparable Vanessa Willing.

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Bird and Wildlife Log

Thanks to Kevin Laves for help compiling this list. (And for help finding these critters in the first place.)

species (common name) location comments
long-nosed bat Caño Negro
jesus christ lizard (basilisk) Caño Negro
howler mono Caño Negro
painted turtle Caño Negro
white-faced monkey Caño Negro
blue morpho butterfly Caño Negro
collared anteater (tamandua) Caño Negro
army ants Cahuita
leafcutter ants Cahuita
spider monkey
pit viper Cahuita yellow, white
coral snake Rara Avis black & red
brilliant rainforest tree frog Rara Avis
amazon kingfisher Caño Negro
green kingfisher Caño Negro
olivaceous cormorant Caño Negro
anhinga Caño Negro
snowy egret Caño Negro
great blue heron Caño Negro
green-backed heron Caño Negro
limpkin Caño Negro call only
mangrove swallow Caño Negro
great egret Caño Negro
osprey Caño Negro
black-headed trogon Caño Negro
squirrel cuckoo Caño Negro
spectacled caiman Caño Negro
ringed kingfisher Caño Negro
sungrebe Caño Negro "sungrebie"
great potoo Caño Negro
crested caracara Caño Negro
little blue heron Caño Negro
bare-throated tiger heron Caño Negro
collared aracari Caño Negro
boat-billed heron Caño Negro
black-necked stilt Caño Negro
wood stork Caño Negro
white ibis Caño Negro
snail kite Caño Negro
spotted sandpiper Caño Negro
northern jacana Caño Negro
roseate spoonbill Caño Negro
groove-billed ani Caño Negro
great kiskadee Caño Negro
red winged blackbird Caño Negro
american wigeon Caño Negro in flight
black-crowned night heron Caño Negro
slaty-tailed trogon Cahuita
magnificent frigatebird Cahuita
caspian tern Cahuita
royal tern Cahuita
Brown Pelican Cahuita
yellow-crowned night heron Cahuita
antbird sp. Cahuita
tricolored heron
cattle egret
whimbrel Tortuguero 90% positive ID
turkey vulture
black vulture
mealy parrot bad lighting
hummingbird, coppery-headed emerald Monteverde
hummingbird, purple-throated mountain gem Monteverde
hummingbird, violet sabrewing Monteverde
hummingbird, green violet-ear Monteverde
hummingbird Monteverde ?
hummingbird Monteverde ?
hummingbird Monteverde ?
orange-bellied trogon Monteverde
black-breasted wood-quail Monteverde
slate-throated redstart Monteverde
resplendent quetzal Monteverde 2 males
belted kingfisher
chestnut-mandibled toucan Rara Avis
bay wren Rara Avis
black phoebe
mississippi kite
wilson's warbler
prothonotary warbler
mangrove warbler Quepos (mangrove kayak trip)
montezuma oropendola
great-tailed grackle
summer tanager Rara Avis
easter meadowlark call only?
blue-grey tanager Fortuna
fiery-billed toucan Lake Arenal (horseback ride) seen by Vanessa