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Why You Shouldn’t Travel With Us


Road trip from San Francisco to Portland. Rains 10 out of 11 days. (Had a great trip!)


Travelling around south Florida. Record cold snap. Temperature drops below freezing; orange crops destroyed. Our hotel room does not have a heater. (Had a great trip!)

Valentine’s Day weekend getaway to Newport, RI. Cut short by record-breaking blizzard. 6-hour drive home through thick snow. (Had a great trip!)


Honeymoon in south India. The day of our train ride to Tamil Nadu, the Tsnuami hits. 289,000 people lose their lives in the worst disaster in modern history. (Had a great trip!)


Two days after we buy our tickets for Paris, widespread riots in the city spread throughout the entire country. Dumbasses around France burn 1300 cars in one night. (Will have a great trip!)

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  1. I seem to remember an island in the Caribbean prior to a wedding… Hurricane was it? And what about spending time in the warmer confines of New Orleans in the middle of September? Oh, that wasn’t you? Force of habit, my bad.

  2. Ron [author of post] said:

    Wow, thanks for reminding me!


    • » Wedding plan #1: Local firehouse and park. Scrapped for logistical reasons.
    • » Wedding plan #2: Tropical island. Romantic evening ceremony on the beach. Then…
      1. Hurricane Frances.
      2. Hurricane Ivan.
      3. Hurricane Jeanne.
    • » Wedding plan #3: Wedding at home. (Had a great trip!)
  3. So what have we learned here? Never travel anywhere. (And this is the professional geographer speaking….)

  4. Ron [author of post] said:

    hah! speaking of being a professional geographer… what software did you use to make that map you sent out as part of your party invite??? i’ve been drooling over it (just ask sara) ever since i got it!

  5. Gram said:

    # 4- Tsunami on honeymoon in India #5– does not count as traveling, but Sara 9/11. in N.Y.C. Makes my grey hair turn brown!!!

  6. The Birthday Buddy said:

    Keeping up with the Rothmans…

    #1. Trip to Amsterdam in July. By way of London. The day after the bombing. Had a great trip. (Or should I say had a great “trip”? It was Amsterdam, after all…)

    #2. Peru in October. Hurricane Wilma in Florida causes American Airlines to sell my return ticket out from under me so they can reroute Miami passengers through Dallas. Stranded in Lima. At the Sheraton. With free massages. And fabulous company. Had a great trip…

    But, no kidding, folks- where ARE you getting all this vacation time?

  7. How did you make the map? Well, you start with 900 of the finest ingredients, add a touch of child-like delight and mix it all with glacial spring water from a glacial spring water generator (Hint: glacial spring water = H2 + O ) Don’t forget the secret ingredient! It’s what makes it so deliciously addictive.

    Wait…. that’s not how you make the map…. that’s how you make Slurm.

  8. Sara said:

    Gram – making your grey hair turn brown?? who? me??! :) I thought I was only supposed to cause Mom that much anxiety! :)

    Birthday Buddy: Let’s just make sure we’re never all on the same plane together, ok?

    CantorIT: How can I respond to a post that ends with “…that’s how you make Slurm.”?

  9. Ron [author of post] said:

    The Birthday Buddy said:

    But, no kidding, folks- where ARE you getting all this vacation time?

    vacation time? what vacation time? i just up and go. my co-workers don’t even notice that i’m gone. :(

    (now i’m in the mood to watch “Office Space” again.)

  10. Gram said:

    Our poor little island. Grampa just returned from South Florida–Chokolosee Island –to be exact and the place that was so cold when the Rothman’s visited in 2003. We recieved a direct hit from Wilma. The wind gage at the Everglades National Park was broken at 150 mph. We had a wind surge of 8 feet on the backside of the storm. We have spent 10 winters there in a travel trailer. Our unit was totaled as were all in the park. Boats were dumped , some in trees. Dock boxes floated here and there. Grampa found ours in the middle of the park. Nature had Her way and weeded trees and shrubs alike. There are many on the island that call this lovely place home year round and they have lost so much. This area depends on fishing and tourism for their economy.
    There was a oil spill and many places in Everglades Ciiy have been contaminated, including the town hall. This building is the prettiest I have seen.
    We will get another unit and have it shipped to Florida when we get services back. Snow birds, that we are, will help keep the local economy going!!!! Grampa keeps young fishing and I watch the dolphins play.
    So ,Rothman’s, Wilma beat you this time.

  11. Ron [author of post] said:


    we buy tickets to thailand; and then, a coup.


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