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Travel Insurance Is Looking Good

You know you’re in for an “exciting” vacation when…

“The thin helmets and pitiful life jackets… would have done nothing in the case of high speed impact at full throttle, which we came close to more than once.”

–technotrekker, Death Boats Down the Mekong
  • …you call a renowned travel clinic to schedule inoculations for your upcoming trip to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, and the nurse asks, “Is that spelled L-A-U-S?”
  • …on web pages that list travel hazards, they don’t simply say “leeches;” it’s “large leeches:”

    Animal Hazards: Animal hazards [in Laos] include snakes (cobras, vipers), spiders (black and brown widow), tigers, leopards, and large leeches.

  • …new research indicates that some elephants–one of the planned highlights of your trip–sometimes attack and kill humans for no reason whatsoever:

    Scientific investigation of [this phenomenon] is greatly hindered by the fact that even the most otherwise placid of elephants may actively try to kill any and all humans.

  • “…snakes (cobras, vipers), spiders (black and brown widow), tigers, leopards, and large leeches.”

    –Animal hazards in Laos

    …other travellers have blogged about your chosen mode of transportation from Thailand to Laos; their blog entries have titles like “Death Boats Down the Mekong.”
    And from the U.S. State Department’s Consular Information Sheet on Thailand:

    Boat safety has become an increasing concern in Thailand…. In January 2005, three U.S. citizen tourists died when the over-crowded speedboat they were in capsized and sank off the coast of Koh Samui. Three months later, two U.S. citizens narrowly escaped death when their dive boat sank off the coast near Phuket.

  • …your destination is under martial law. (But on the bright side, it was a bloodless coup.)

See you whenif we get back!

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  1. You’re definitely in for an exciting vacation.

    Here are our top ten tips for enjoying Thailand:

    10. The Grand Palace is open, despite everything you will hear to the contrary. After the 5th or 6th time a local Thai tells you, you may start to believe this is a special holiday and the Palace is actually closed. It isn’t.
    9. Meet Porn. Watch Porn. Half the people are named “Porn”. Believe it. Love it.
    8. Elephants are transportation. The other forms are: Tuk-tuks, Red trucks, Water taxis, your feet, and bamboo rafts.
    7. Tuk-tuks rock. But the drivers are in cahoots with the stores. Don’t get taken anywhere you don’t want to go.
    6. Rafting is much more dangerous than it sounds. If your guides are gauging the float-worthiness of your raft by the number of women it can hold, run. Or add some more bamboo.
    5. Monkeys are friendly :)
    4. The southern islands are beautiful. Take one in, and have a Singha on the beach.
    3. Thai bucket = no memory the next day. Get one. Drink it. Then take pictures (so you can remember what you did.) Its like “Memento” in a bucket.
    2. A Thai massage every day makes the pain go away.
    1. Splurge. The full lobster meal is only costing you $8, anyway…

    Have a great time! We did!

    Brad and Nic

  2. Ron [author of post] said:

    10. on days when the Grand Palace is really closed (surely they have some legitimate national holidays, right?), do you think they let people walk all the way over to it?
    9. oh, we’re very familiar with Porn. Porn will be our guide.
    8. you forgot to include “student drivers’ cars.”
    7. three points for using “cahoots.” plus one for using “tuk-tuk” again.
    6. i’m still traumatized by my Costa Rica rafting nightmare, the main points of which are:
       – ron fell into the Toro River (twice) and almost drowned (once)
       – ron’s crotch put a 75° bend in the [aluminum] paddle
    5. :(|)
    4. sounds awesome–i think we’re doing that. need to ask sara, though. :D
    3. i think i’d be afraid to look through the pictures the next day.
    2. just like my grandma always used to say!
    1. ew, lobster.

    but seriously–thanks for the info!!! you guys rock, and we will certainly benefit from the wisdom of your experience.

    btw, it was great to see you last night. (and thanks, too, for dessert!) you should join us for the borat movie next weekend; and since you’re the ones who introduced us to Ali G., we should really treat you.

  3. Ron [author of post] said:

    ok, an update:

    10. on our way to the grand palace, nobody approached us at all! we were so disappointed!!! :) it was probably because we were with our wonderful guide (see item #9).
    9. our guide in bangkok, Porn, was wonderful!
    8. check, check, check, check, check and check.
    7. so far, so good.
    6. much to my dismay (but sara and danielle’s delight), our rafting trip was horrifically tranquil. i am very pissed.
    5. we woke up to the haunting calls of nearby gibbons yesterday morning.
    4. we’re there now! :)
    3. we’ll have one in your honor tonight!
    2. about 2 weeks ago, sara had the best thai massage of her life… except it was in Laos.
    1. jesus, we spent $65 for dinner last night. this resort is mega-priced. :(


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