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Southeast Asia Trip, Day 23: Khao Sok National Park

Today we arrived at our quaint “floating bungalow” in the remotest corner of Khao Sok national park. This is the third bamboo bungalow we’re staying at on this trip–and not the only one that hasn’t been on solid ground. :-|

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  1. Sara [subscribed to comments] tracked back:

    The trip to the bathroom was an adventure in itself. There’s nothing quite like finding your way by flashlight along a rickety floating bamboo walkway to a jungle toilet. Our guide has reassured us that the spiders aren’t poisonus, but he added that we should check carefully for poisonous pit vipers, pythons and the two kinds of cobras – all of which will definitely do us in.

    I also discovered that you can only wake your spouse up once in the middle of the night to accompany you, after that you’re on your own. I seriously considered peeing off the rear deck of our bungalow. :)

  2. Ajay [subscribed to comments] tracked back:

    Hey Ron,

    I just saw awesome pics of your India Trip especially of New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Bharatpur.

    I am also planning a trip to these places so was wondering if you will be able to help me out. I know it was way back in 2004 when you visited India but if possible could you please lemme know which hotel did you stayed in Connaught Place Delhi. Also about other hotels you stayed in.

  3. Ron [author of post] tracked back:

    Hi Ajay, I did post my India 2004 itinerary here:

    There’s a “Hotel Recommendations” section which may help give you some leads. I don’t know if Nirula’s CP location is still open, though.

    Good luck!


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