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Canada Trip: Posted

Finally posted the itinerary and photos from our summer trip to Quebec & Ontario.

Activities included:

  • Visiting friends
  • Cycling 100 miles of scenic converted rail line
  • Genealogy research in rural Quebec
  • Consumption of many and varied animal parts (not to mention: chocolate, cheese, poutine, et al.)
  • Ice wine tasting
  • Quebecois Folk music concerts
  • Watching Beluga whales from the breakfast table
  • Niagara falls in a barrel

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  1. Courtney [subscribed to comments] said:

    Wow, cycling 100 miles – did you do that too, or was it just Sara? I didn’t know you had it in you. Maybe someday you’ll join us for a great ride in Australia (350 miles in a week). It’s a great way to see the country (well, a very small part of a very big country, but nicer than a car, anyway).

  2. Cheryl [subscribed to comments] said:

    Being from Canada, I can tell you that poutine is by far what I miss most about it. That’s not even an insult. I went up for a trip in October when I was about 5 months pregnant, so I ate a poutine everyday I was there. We are going back next weekend for a high school friend’s wedding, but this time I’m only allowing myself one. I could easily gain every pound I’ve lost right back on a 3 day trip if I’m not careful.


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