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the Mirage volcano
Harambasa Serbian restaurant
Ithaca Falls
what is that thing?
baby robins
pineapple plants
Custom ceramic fluted pie plate by Alfie, Luray, VA
morning mist over the Maekok river
this is me ruining what would otherwise be a lovely picture
"Toonces--The Cat Who Could Play a Piano"
honeysuckle (Lonicera x heckerottii 'Gold Flame'). July 2006
ruins of an ancient synagogue in Katserin
small, pretty building outside of Topkapı Palace
ridiculous Swan boat
Wat Xieng Thang
Grand Palace
gin hustlerette.
"Jesus Christ Lizard"
Delft porcelain plate, Delft factory, Delft, Netherlands
winterberry holly (Ilex verticillata 'Sparkleberry').  July 2006
Wat Thmei stupa
some of the beautiful stained glass in Sainte Chapelle
chai in Calcutta
filling the tea bags with a custom blended tea
Angkor Wat bas-reliefs
Welcome to Saint-Venant-de-Paquette
my second dose of gunpowder for the weekend.
large Turkish plate, Tree of Life design, coral red
"Marlboro: Smoking is Deadly"
first date deja-vu
Wat Xieng Thang
the Baci ceremony
antioxidant heaven: chocolate with goji berries (Dina's Chocolate)
"The Figure 5 in Gold" (after 5 beers)
(at least *one* of them made an effort)
japanese hollies (Ilex crenata 'Soft Touch'), blue hollies, serviceberry (Amelanchier lamarckii). fall 2005
heading out for our Rainforest Aerial Tram ride
Un Croque Monsieur fantastique
bowling.  the candlepin kind.
white lilac
UNO massacre at Cafe Boheme
more modern windmills
a dramatic sun rise through the clouds
ridiculous ferry crossing
Jama Masjid (Friday Mosque)
requisite quaint porch scene
ice cream in Old Forge
dinner?  no, the plate is too precious to put into the oven.  (the cat, not so much.)
you can see where the tank knocked out a hunk of wall in the 1948 war
fluffy kitties
boring raft ride
Cote d'Ivoire: Terre de Cacao (Didier Drogba, Footballeur)
Rainbow Falls, at Watkins Glen State Park
i hate my blue Crocs
on the trail to Trafalgar Falls amidst tropical downpours
Big Ben and the London Eye
base of the falls, at the river created from heavy rain
you wouldn't want to see him when he's hungry
our first of many great meals in Laos
Santa Cruz island from one of its peaks
measuring out the pale malt
Hot Dog Johnny's
Baha'i Lotus Temple, Delhi
"Corn.  It's what's for dinner."
CNET neon, San Francisco
top of Angkor Wat
Hand-carved Myrtlewood plate, Bandon, Oregon
after the Altan concert
another Dutch tulip from our friend
"Honey, we have to have a talk about what size I really am."
Chocolate kitchen
Chagall's ceiling at the Paris Opera House
Royal Doulton 10" plate
at the summit--dirty, cold, and hungry (and not engaged, despite ron's best laid plans)
the Tower Bridge, splendid at night
"i see you"
60km to Damascus
Picking blackberries.
Turkish Viagra
steepness is in the eye of the beholder
polar bear rump
preparing for the wild ride up to Rara Avis
the rhythm section (banned from singing)
Agra Fort detail
skip laurels a.k.a. schip laurels (Prunus laurocerasus 'Schipkaensis'). fall 2005
Hi Mom
Bertrand and his machete clear the road
tea pluckers in Munnar
Santa Monica beach
sara at one of the stations of the cross on the Via Dolorosa (#9, where Jesus fell the third time)
"#1 Docent"
The campanile at Pordenone.
skulls of Wat Thmei
mexico (1983)
one amateur hairdresser and one brave girl
Lal Qila (Red Fort), Delhi
i would've gone with "L'amour c'est chocolat."
waiting outside Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles
Whale watching (on land)
his expression belied him; he was actually having fun
finally in Dominica! In the gardens at Papillote Wilderness Retreat
blue Tzfat
bats, Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge
Wat Xieng Thang
Kaleidoscope Pottery fern leaf plate
fresh-cut sugar cane
Kremsnita (Lake Bled cream cake) Throwdown
our neighbors out for a horseback ride
Grand Place in Brugge
inside cave, with flash (charming)
freshly picked figs (or is it preshly ficked pigs?)
my favorite part of visiting Cambridge: Emma's pizza
Edgecomb Pottery platter, Bar Harbor, Maine
The Zanzibar Room
a white truffle sampling at Fauchon
she's a star!
approaching Bannerman's Island Arsenal by kayak
Daylily - pink
Let's hope this netting keeps the bugs (and lizards, and spiders) out!
Tesla - "ROCK ON!"
special guest musician
I-78 deer overpass
sea of tea
land mines along the Jordanian border
the two things in this picture are (1) Taillevent's version of "scrambled eggs," and (2) a man who is very intent on eating them.
More frescoes in Spilimbergo.
truffle tagliatelle
fred is aglow with the pleasure of having heard more of my wedding stories.
see the blur as we sail past red lights
fellow tourists
vsyo idyot kak nado.
at Haritha Farms, where they grow peppercorns
Makarov 9mm
tiled floor of the synagogue
on horseback, riding out of Fortuna
Hakan's 1964 Chevy Bel Air.  Is this İstanbul or Detriot?
The Grand-Place is lovely at night; too bad we didn't know how to shoot it properly
preparing for ziplines
no comment
She bumped my head.
Pardesi Synagogue, Cochin, Kerala
view of the Hudson River from the Mt. Taurus trail
our hero
synagogue courtyard
15 gallons of beer-in-progress
tasting at Heron Hill winery
Prasat Kravan
Locks on Rideau Canal
We made it!!
daylily (Hemerocallis 'Pardon Me')
extra limey lime tea
she got so tan, we could hardly recognize her!
Der Chocowagon
the power of genetics
no, my eyes don't really look like that.  sheesh.
thar she blows!  (sperm whales)
rest stop on the Nam Ou river
Kathakali dance performance
EC headquarters
Royal Doulton Cyprus porcelain plate
one of us was cold
gorgeous mosaic floor at the Getty Villa
sara's first souffle--and the best i've ever had. (i mean it.  even better than Thai Chef's.)
Buddha gallery at the Marble Temple
Paris, Las Vegas
after the blueberry-corn cheesecake
ron, lisa and an unidentified, clean-shaven gentleman
panel Q&A: Bob Langert (of McDonald's!) and Michael Pollan
it's Ball O'Traif
Royal Doulton 10" plate, D5293 (21)
who has more energy?
Daylily (Hemerocallis) 'Pardon Me'
kingfisher and sambar deer
Vintgar Gorge, near Lake Bled
"Warning!!! Climbing At Your Risk"
rice seller in Cochin
Mount Battie
Best Khao Soi (er, "Khow Soi?") place [that we found] in Chiang Mai
Ottawa - Parliament Building, Central Block
crushing the grain
our lovely Swedish friend
a delicious lunch on an idyllic white sand beach
Laser Tag - Team GREEN
hmm, that officer looks a bit... pale.  maybe i should stop and check that he's okay.  (see next photo)
It may have been a faux wedding, but the bride was a true beauty.
Phoebe's phine phriends.
a lovely misty shot of the Basilique du Sacre Coeur
mixing the hops and malt
Mini (Paris)
You're not really gonna....?
Suan Pakkad
*Alphonso Mango* sorbet at The Bent Spoon!  they are the "coolest" ice cream shop.  (get it?  get it??)
at Ti Tou Gorge
the fountain erupts.  (in celebration, i, apparently, did the chicken dance.)
at Mitzpah HaShalom (Peace Vista), overlooking the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)
one of many warning signs on Dominica
the crew (after)
school bus victim of hurricane david
Bayon frieze
lake Megunticook
We're ready for vacation!!!
Tsunami Hazard Zone
slow boats docking
our last dinner (sad farewells), in San Jose
we got (re-)married on the Mekong river
top of the waterfall
married 2 hours and he's already kissing someone other than his wife!
Royal Doulton 10" plate, D5106
area covered: 45 square feet
awesome madurai auto horn--a highlight of our trip
The ride begins
our bungalow
birding with Eldhose
view of Angkor Wat from Phnom Bakheng
Royal Doulton Persian chintz plate, D4031, blue, large
eek!  a LIZARD!  omigosh!  AHHH!
cousins at the Cliff House
early autumn on the Hudson river
Energetically preparing for the 2003 Holiday Video
still smiling - we haven't hit the hard part of the hike yet!
NYPD in LA?  nah, they're just shooting an episode of "CSI: New York."  (everything was so realistic, it took us a minute to notice that the NYPD squad cars didn't belong in LA.)
on the way up to Doi Suthep
You know where you are?
view of the Tower Bridge
ostorozhna: bolshaya luzha.
what does this collection of gifts say about its recipient?
"Three soldiers from Frenchtown were walking through the forest..."
the women singing traditional Lao songs
Garba night
Church of the Assumption of Mary, Lake Bled
highlight: coconut ice cream
pomegranate juice
Hernandez hand-painted ceramic plate, Pue, Mexico
the pumpkin personality test: sara's results
a Golan Heights machine gun trench
The kitty that visited us at every meal!
dog vs. chicken
Mashti Malone's sign.  (Note the shamrock AND the Persian writing.  i think it says "Top o'the mornin' to ya" in farsi.)
iskender: this one looks better than it tastes
view of the village of Calibishie, seen from our room at Domcan's Guest House
Edgecomb Pottery bowl, Bar Harbor, Maine
Royal Doulton plate
some people call it "Maurice"
Hold him and kiss him and love him
And show him that you care
Imari style plate
the pumpkin personality test: ron's results
Angkor Wat
scallions @Dayenu
just so you can see how dark it was
Paka Lunga
looks like they didn't hear the "medium" part of "medium-rare"
the slippery descent down the mountain
Bata Shoe Museum: Pig shoes
South Gate
the debugging tool of choice
dried cocoa nibs (from Ivory Coast)
Illy's Espressamente, Trieste
he told us his name was "Michael Jordan," but for some reason, we were skeptical.
Bon Fetes!
new friends at Chez Michel
ad agency's Youngstown kitchen
Olivier Demers of Le Vent du Nord, on fiddle and foot board
Castello di San Giusto.
the ultra-exclusive book club
john s.
on the observation platform at Preak Toal
Luang Prabang, morning monk procession
more cute people
Burlington chintz plate
our mangosteen tasting
cobblestone street in Brussels
P.S. 207
Royal Doulton Iznik porcelain plate, D4864
chocolate taste test
daylily (Hemerocallis 'Christmas Is')
Le P'tit Train du Nord
the clock at Musee D'Orsay
stifling a "We've been waiting for over an hour!"
in a lovely ceramic shop, right before we spent a lot of $
dude, she's not real
preparing the first mentos/diet coke fountain
Back at Km 0
outside of Melville Hall airport, getting ready to leave
henna blobs
with Brad and Heather
inspecting our floating bungalow in Khao Sok national park
Strippers, Direct to You
Maple syrup (erable) pie
with Mr. Kaila at Qutab Minar
best pannekoek in amsterdam
one of the fast boats (a.k.a. "Death Boats of the Mekong")
on the way to Nong Khiaw
do not photograph this man.
Java au natural!  (tastes like sweet pepper)
Whale watching (asea)
Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park
Notre Dame, Quebec
Royal Doulton porcelain plate, D4649
San Jose, final night
On the ferry to Tadoussac
cormorants at Preak Toal
harvesting walnuts
the Metro station at Abessess
Royal Doulton Persian chintz reticulated plate, D3550
these lingas are hung very well, don't you think?
3 people.  5 desserts.  you do the math.
DiFara's Pizza
Looking for parrots
"Look, that rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide; it's a killer!"
gathered at Bamiyan
relaxing at the Olive Brook Inn
Suvganyot (Fritters; Jelly Doughnuts)
Le P'tit Train du Nord: Val David
Windsor saucer
Resplendent Quetzal, Monteverde cloud forest
happy Karl
Celebrity Heads
making a pre-dinner layer cake run to the Chocolate Room (Park Slope)
climbing the ruins at Beng Mealea
buying more vlamsche frites (from Mr. Clean)
Sara and Bertrand about halfway up Morne Diablotin
Amelanchier lamarckii, May 2007
a steep mid-day trek in Khao Sok
ice cream by candlelight
Royal Doulton 10" plate
noodle stall (looked better than it tasted)
a delicious Lao breakfast
"Children of Eden" curtain call
a cocoa pod at the Guittard table.  (the chocolate samples behind the pod are 91%, and were surprisingly smooth.)
delicious breakfast at the Old Bangkok Inn
"Who put the dip In the dip da dip da dip?  Who put the ram in the rama-lama-chocolate fountain?"
dolphins playing with the boat
the Rainbow waterfall
allan, jeff and nancy
view of the Hudson from Pollepel island
honeysuckle (Lonicera x heckerottii 'Gold Flame'). fall 2005
someone left our bungalow door open
The White House
our "nature bungalow" at Hibiscus Valley Inn
winterberry holly (Ilex verticillata 'Sparkleberry'). fall 2005
tony the wondergoat (and his owner)
Royal Grafton saucer
marble inlay of verses from the Koran at the Taj Mahal
view from inside the Bat Cave
on the overnight train to Madurai.  Sun 12/26/2004, day of tsunami.
this tree was 80 years old
Dinner at Skerlj farm, Tomaj
He will be your father figure
stalked in the blueberry patch
schoolgirls washing lunch dishes
nearing total eclipse
best birthday buddies 4eva
A big hit: yota (jota) soup at Chimera di Bacco in Trieste.
the suckers waited in line to get off the boat by ladder.  the rest of us jumped.
The Citadel: Changing of the Guard
finally, proof of our albino deer (picture is fuzzy because of poor light conditions plus zoom)
Hot chocolate tasting at Hotel Meurice: plain, cinnamon, and orange
Syndicate Falls
gate in Kumarakom, Kerala
serviceberry (Amelanchier lamarckii). spring 2006
Royal Crown Derby Imari plate, large
Bled Castle
Mackintosh Enamels Ginkgo plate (custom made)
St. Basil's Cathedral, Red Square, Moscow
falls can kill!
inside cave, with flash (scary)
Royal Doulton plate, D5993
New Year's Eve, 12/31/2002
enjoying some Persian ice cream at Mashti Malone's Exotic Ice Cream Parlor.
"three amigos"
"high school flashback!"
more scenery
nilghiri tarr
her calm look belies her inner panic
monks on the Internet
bird's-eye view (if your a pigeon on the ground).  and no, we weren't high.
biking in Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge
Dingman's Falls National Park
l'arc et l'amour
kayaking around Santa Cruz island
buying tainted jackfruit at the West Baray.  (severe food poisoning followed.)
Ban Thaton
dancing baby at Bangalore's Forum Mall
last one!
view from the Tram
Zion gate into the Old City.  bullet holes everywhere.
we're in the car, passing a tank transport
Yellow carnival glass dish
Don't Fear the Reaper.
so-called "dinner."
view of Denali
I was getting scolded with the other naughty schoolkids
H.K. Tunstall dish
mosaic floor of the Wynn
view from the pavillion, capturing part of both waterfalls
day trip to Damme
L'Hercule de Charlevoix
Make sure that swarthy man has no hot sauce on him!
drinking Banias spring water; where Jesus himself might have been baptized.
dinner at Chez Michel
Make way for duckling
one of many peace sculptures at Mt. Ben Tal
we bumped into a rowdy santa convention (loitering outside a bar, no less)
don't look up!
Hosta 'Sum and Substance'
Lao lao
rainbow over Dominica
chocolate espresso
hiking to the Freshwater Lake
back on Santa Monica beach
Le Manekin Pis
me and my Clarke
gangsta cat
view of the Temple Mount
Taillevent envy
signing the ketubah
You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips
with Michael Pollan, at the Food, Ethics and the Environment conference.  ("Vote With Your Fork!")
the Blue Mosque, in daylight
looking for the "Bank Cave"
the Western Wall of the temple mount
yay! another nativity scene!
at last! at last!
yucky masala mango
the Tata Tea Factory, Munnar
area covered: 43 square feet
it takes an EXPERT birder to find puffins in zero-visibility fog (but we found them anyway)
an unexpected encounter in venice beach
Westminster Abbey detail
yellow shirts for sale
leafcutter ants, Cahuita refuge
Rodeo Drive
lunch at the orchid farm
some awesome people
preparing pad Thai
lots of new friends
at the Flamingo
our lovely English Walnut tree
why you (too) should wash your hands after cooking with chilies
a multi-purpose applicance
Midnight stomping to find bioluminescent algae
The lunchtime line outside of Schwartz's
i took her all the way to O street
Le P'tit Train du Nord
New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show 2010
too much dessert at the Aladdin's Spice Market Buffet
The claim: "The Best Ice Cream in Toronto!"
Wat Thaton's standing Buddha
world trade center observation deck (aug-01-1979)
your guess is as good as mine....
Hot Dog Johnny's
bellflower (Campanula carpatica 'Blue Clips')
2005 NJ picnic.  two hungry engineers, skeptical over Dr. Praeger's veggie burgers
canoeing the shenandoah river
Royal Doulton Persian chintz plate
the adorable Belted Galloways of Rockport
our Youngstown kitchen
some people really got into the karaoke bachelor/ette party.  i won't mention any names--but it rhymes with "pen" and starts with a "J."
small but effective guardians of the Sakkarine Cave
Jesus is Lord
hot chocolate at Jean Paul Hevin (our favorite H.C.)
emerging from Namtaloo (Nam Talu) cave, wet and sorry that it's over
daylily (variety TBD)
our first non-bottled water
inside Ayasofia (Hagia Sofia)
ting-tong Tong
Best wienerschnitzel we found in Vienna
karoake night
"look ma, i'm rock climbing!"
Royal Doulton Titanian Bird of Paradise Tray, D4222
the Golden Buddha
raw herring.
Do not attempt this at home.
bellflower (Campanula carpatica 'Blue Clips')
this is Dr. Phil's house
Scrabble (who's winning?)
una pipa
purple poncho
Predjama Castle
animals represented in this photo: 3
(plants: 0)
Postojna cave
handmade paper shop
the line to buy tickets.  (some people had been waiting longer than 3 hours)
another beautiful door
egret on the Anhinga Trail (Everglades), Flamingo, FL
at the new Wynn
a very rare clematis vine (Clematis doice?)
Our gracious hosts in Nominingue
Khao Sok panorama
view of the coast from our whale watching boat
white truffles; this batch is worth about $3500.
Blue carnival glass dish
our wild raspberries
scary mountain drive to Munnar
don't proceed!
nighttime snake/frog hunt, Rara Avis
The North Sea
Fremont Street, downtown
some of the Bayon's Khmer faces
one of these people knows pi to 50 digits
bunker interior passageways
gorgeous Bruges views
Montmorency Falls
pink is the new black
yummy pineapple juice
monarch butterfly on wild aster
daylily (Hemerocallis 'Jedi Dot Pierce')
"Warning!!! Climbing At Your Risk"
"What are YOU looking at?"
first-time straphangers
bling bling
not bad, eh?
a break-up in progress
marx, engels, lenin.
boating through Preak Toal bird sanctuary
50 Shad--ewwwwwww!
His name is Rio
Sparkleberry Holly (Ilex verticillata 'Sparkleberry')
on the Randall's Island ferry
in line at Veniero's
meeting the locals at the Tillamook cheddar cheese factory
"you know where you are?  you're in the jungle, baby!"
farochi women
that ostrich wants you to eat him.(?)
this is how he gets all his women
view of the Layou River
snorkeling the Similan Islands
Victoria & Albert Museum lobby--best museum in the world
entertaining my guests by making them entertain me
The Gherkin
Agra Fort
picking sabra fruit
yow - spicy Kerala style potato chips
the farm down the street, one sunset
Zell German Majolica bird plate
roadside "viewpoint" on the way to Freshwater Lake
biking around Bruges' central square
why you should wash your hands after cooking with chilies
Sara's new toothbrush
Royal Doulton Prunus Tray, D4365
larger caiman
By the fire at Gelindo dei Magredi, a lovely agroturismo in Vivaro.  Lovely dinners!
Royal Doulton 10" plate (D5549?, 4)
"Come and Welcome.  Go by and not Quarrel."
gorgeous gate at Belur
Le P'tit Train du Nord
Not lost.
M is for...
i like krista's shot better
covered in sabra thorns
"closed" pineapple market, in pineapple city
never mess with a man who has beads
outdoor kitchen at Karim's restaurant, Old Delhi
New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show 2010
he's not so impressive in person
Banteay Kdei
Brugge by canal
over the delaware river
helicopter ride to the bottom of the canyon
Spilimbergo is known for its well-preserved Frescoes.
He shouted, "Canadian wannabe!"
And then he kissed me.
street food, mmmmmm (regretted this one later)
Morrocan fossilized marble plate, Oregon
on top of Disney Hall
view of Chandi Chowk, Old Delhi
is there any doubt that i'm in new england?
Sevillarte decorative plate, Spain
Ron finds a quiet spot to enjoy his Kriek (and Sara drinks a beer!)
notre dame
Oh la la; Sara on the Seine
at the sweetriot booth (and despite my expression, i'm not drunk)
chaotic railroad crossing
small Turkish bowl, Iznik
pomegranate flower
pad thai in progress
my suicide attempt
an anona tree!
lunch w/Kirk Pepperdine during Java Performance Tuning
rock formation known as "Hells' Gate" in Calibishie
Royal Doulton 10" plate, D5294 (B)
lacquered orchids for sale
Luang Prabang, monks receiving their morning alms
ever seen a drunk sock puppet?
ubiquitous pomagranate juice
found it!
Nicolas Boulerice of Le Vent du Nord, playing with his hurdy gurdy
View approaching the Dolomites.
before the yummy eight-course assault at Manka's
outside the Cirque du Soleil (Corteo) tent
Wedgwood Jasperware plate: Mother's Day, Achilles
touring with Tong
on the beach in Quepos
lunch on the river (in my new yellow shirt)
Angkor Wat
Victoria Memorial, Calcutta
a movie star with his adoring fans?
their view during the meal
yet another performance of The Four Seasons (this one painfully slow)
an interesting plant we found along the trail
our sugar maples (Acer saccharum) in fall colors
missed it by THAT much!
creeping phlox (Phlox subulata 'Emerald Blue'). July 2006
Revello's Pizza, in Old Forge, PA (the "Pizza Crapital of the World")
CN Tower
Palais Garnier - the Paris Opera House
three attractive people (plus bob marley)
after hours of comparing prices and searching for patterns we liked, we bought this beautiful Suzani rug at Istanbul's Grand Bazaar
the Bellagio fountains
Corksrew Swamp
first sight of Meenakshi temple
I cut my head open on a viciously thorned tree (see below)
after a tough day birding, Ron relaxes in our room at Papillote
sampling one of the many chocolate truffles
the American judge gives the khao soi a 6.0!
The locals were very friendly
Km 143
at the Grand Bazaar
another flat tire
at The Bent Spoon in Princeton--after attending Peter Singer's talk and eating beef+pork canneloni for dinner (how cheeky!)
bonding brothers-in-law
Millenium Bridge, London
Vintgar Gorge, near Lake Bled
"as far as the eye could see..."
overlooking Syria and Lebanon
on the nicaraguan border
Bangalore traffic
dinner with new friends and old, at Marrakesh (in Belltown)
Bruges rooftops, from the bell tower
Paragon saucer, A3963
enjoying fruit bought from a roadside stand
dinner at Naked Fish
Vintgar Gorge
Lunch at Niagara-on-the-Lake
Ein berliner in Berlin
a pita oven in the Arab souk
CP, Delhi
Mother's Day 2002, Duke Gardens, Somerville, NJ
former residence of one Brad Pitt.  now owned by a Mr. Sean Penn.
Angkor Wat at sunset
it suits me, no?
Tower Bridge at sunset
trip to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca; the bridge was out from a recent flood
candlepin bowling
Bienvenue cyclistes!
bobby, the drunk ironworker next to us.
an unwelcome guest in our room - it seemed much bigger at the time
back in Delhi
Fonthill museum, Doylestown PA
rare fossils
ain't siblings great?
view down into Breakfast Gorge from the bridge
on the train (Shatabdi Express) to Agra....
marx, engels, lenin?
rambutans on display
Royal Doulton porcelain plate, D3088
glam girl / glam penthouse
Ron flirting with the resident peahen
Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii)
what's wrong with this picture?
more land mines
good friends, gathered
kayaking the channel islands
"Are you a pothead, Focker?"
You know you're in Maine when...
our mulberry tree
Cibreo (Florence)
hamam ceiling
Cyrille (our botany guide) about to hit the road
arriving in Alleppey after a long, sleepless night
Royal Doulton Persian chintz plate, D4031, blue
synagogue door
view of the floating bungalows
i love Paris in the springtime (and here's why)
Royal Crown Derby Imari plate, small
heaven is... stirring.
final kayaking
large Turkish Iznik plate
delivering Dennis's trophy
one (the healthiest) of our apple trees
in the dojo
yikes.  i think this feller was one of the hors d'oeuvres.  (wolverine tartare, anyone?)
uh-oh, is that a speed trap?  (see next photo)
sara and her new friend/fan balraj
from small moroccan wieners to big german horse sausages, we've got it all
Child abuse?
the medusa head in the Basilica Cistern
mangosteens, rambutans, et al.
Niagara Falls (Bridal Veil) at night
hazy view of the Taj Mahal
farochi cousins
the haircut begins
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (The Taming of the Shrew)
descriptive street names
Nam Talu cave: Krista and Nathan getting deeper
baby apples.  cute? yes.  tasty? not so much.
The big hike up Morne Diablotin begins...
leaving Bannerman's Island
deciphering the menu at L'Avant Gout
some kind of adorable, miniature yarrow in my (chemical-free) lawn
the crew (before)
not the right restaurant (but at least we got our lamb chops!)
Ron scaling branches down the mountain
my wardrobe selections for Thai week
on Chokoloskee
Luang Prabang, young monk receiving food
"i've got a fever.  and the only cure is... Dr. Shakshuka"
swimming hole, Rara Avis rainforest
one of the gorgeous doors of paris
the gun sorta clashes with my "I ♥ NY" t-shirt.
some cute people (plus a dude)
Sydney Bishop plate, Homer, Alaska
and more,
back alleys of Chandni Chowk
Train through Postojna cave
Campanula glomerata 'Superba'.
left front: Campanula 'Blue Clips';
left rear: Rudbeckia var. fulgida. May 2006
flight to the west rim of the Grand Canyon
Aboard the Maid of the Mist
oh, so *that's* how you open the doors!
On Lake Bled
climbing up to the Jain temple at Sravana Belagola
the Greek Orthodox section of the church of the Holy Sepulchre
kayaking on Tomales Bay
Brussels' Grand-Place
The umbrellas were more impressive than the Astrological Clock show.
"One of these is not like the others."
"Have you hugged your nurseryman today?"
a very special guest, and two dudes
some sort of miss USA pageant--that's kenny chesney on stage in the background (wearing the brown cowboy hat)
Cyrille and us at the end of our botany tour
Entering the bike trail.
outside the Tower of London (you'll have to trust us)
tractor got a flat
Tsunami marker at Khao Lak
having lunch in Delft
a raft of coots near Eureka, CA (no hazard)
The Lincoln Memorial
Queen Tut
Our first sunset on Dominica - at Papillote
on the trail from Middleham Falls
with Captain Babychan on our houseboat, Kerala
Laxmi Vilas, Bharatpur
Golden Gate hazard
me: goofy.  them: pretty.
vin chaud at a Christmas market
at the Natural History Museum.  "The Hall of Minerals ROCKS!"  Hehe.
looking over a 4,000 foot drop
Anna Frank Haus (Anne Frank House)
"i see you too"
iced chocolate @L.A. Burdick, Cambridge MA
my wife (artist's rendition)
what's wrong with this picture???
this is what happens to people who overcook my turkey on thanksgiving.  (just kidding; the turkey was awesome....  i was slashing his throat for a different reason. :)
pyrotechnic preparations
Don't look up!
honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens--not sure which cultivar. 'John Clayton?'  'Sulphurea?')
a nativity scene (my favorite!)
Krista is about to demonstrate how to get back into a kayak
Berenice church ruins, overlooking Tverya (Tiberias)
don't mess with Mr. Churro.
(This is his Olvera St. outpost.)
Sara attempts to steal an orange - but sadly couldn't reach!
dinner before "Children of Eden"
the largest holly in maryland
a python (yes, it's poisonous)
SGW (S'mores Gone Wild)
Sacher torte, feh.
helping out with the Chinese fishing nets
sara almost caused an "incident" during the Raas (stick dance)
! watch out for the drempel !
class is now in session. (Porterhouse 101: Remedial Grilling)
maybe the Turkish version is better??  (especially if you don't speak Turkish)
navigating the trail of roots (4 feet about the actual ground)
Pater Noster, Vienna, 1910
very serious birdwatching at the Parker River NWR (on Plum Island in Newburyport, MA)
Hoover Dam
orchid show, New York Botanical Garden
architectural detail in Brussels' Grand-Place
banana "orchard" in the background
Syndicate Nature Trail with Bertrand Jno Baptiste (aka "Dr. Birdy")
Carefree in Quebec
on the way to Shadfest
our friend Chu from Singapore, testing me for oranges
Daylily (Hemerocallis) 'Jedi Dot Pierce'
Cotoneaster 'Little Gem'.  July 2006
sparkly tour
our baguette tasting
preparing tom kha gai
at Josie's
recovering from our hike at Hibiscus Valley Inn
oh!  that's not an unconscious police officer; it's a dummy (and i mean that literally; i'm not insulting cops).  a cunning speed trap, indeed.
Postojna jama (cave)
Terrace of the Leper King
a dream come true
Royal Grafton saucer
Daylily (Hemerocallis) 'Christmas Is'
random scenery photos taken while driving
at the Temple of Pan
at Eagle Point (see it?)
the view from our balcony at the Layou River Hotel
Thanksgiving 2003, with erik and mong
More poutine
savoring a [stolen] Texel carrot - mmmmm
Sedum 'Autumn Joy'.  May 2006
really, the picture speaks for itself.
is that a spatula in your pocket...?
drunk, rude & crass after Altan
Half of the two falls that make up Trafalgar Falls, this one is the "father"...
Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ.  (fyi, they're very good about letting you return food that you don't like.)
hummingbird, Monteverde Cloud Forest
Chipman Family Orchestra (front), c. 1892
Royal Doulton Iznik porcelain plate, D4863
yet another gorgeous bromeliad
warming up for the shoot
the grape of wrath
David Blaine in his suspended glass box
courtyard of the Marble Temple (Wat Benjamabopit)
Beng Mealea, a true "Jungle Temple" (for now)
suited up at Leisure Time Bowl, deep in the heart of Port Authority
Ron and Sara at the Macoucherie Rum Factory - pre-engagement.  Sugar cane is so fascinating!
waterfall rappel
the Blue Mosque at night
some large epiphytes
The queen pardoned us before it actually went to trial
Relaxing in the thermal pools
this is what happens when you give me your camera and some wine, and walk away.
Nicolas, the hurdy gurdy (a.k.a. wheel fiddle) and me
our [invasive] wild blackberries (not yet ripe)
Cafe San Marco, Trieste
Khao Sok panorama
yummy pure veg thali in Theni
Soft Touch Japanese holly (Ilex crenata 'Soft Touch'). July 2006
view of Jerusalem from Mt. Olive
Piękny chłopiec piękny i ciotką
her ballet training served her well later in life
Alleghanians programme, March 28, 1874
inside the Western Wall tunnels
new year's eve dinner at home
"it's for you"
At Fort Shirley, outside of Portsmouth
a leisurely walk around Little Stony Point
Preah Palilay
sipping Jacques Torres' hot chocolate
our tar and chip driveway, 2 years old.  read about it here.
Ta Prohm, the ostensible "Jungle Temple" (but see Beng Mealea below)
Royal Doulton porcelain plate, D4551
kayaking around Curtis Island
the elusive Hollywood sign
birding in Bharatpur
turkey (and turk)
Ban Xang Hai dropoff
Mother's Day 2002, Duke Gardens
Royal Doulton Iznik porcelain plate, D4862
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
on the coast in Calibishie
no, it's not a spray-on tan
Victory Gate
Banteay Srei
Santa Cruz Basilica, Kochi
citadel at Acco
Yakov and Mocha
sunset over Calibishie
sunset at The Switzerland Inn, Penn Yan, NY
looking for sabra fruit
[Aerial] fern roots--red from hemoglobin
Chipman Family Orchestra (back)
Chinatown hazard
Simsim baby!
yes.  it's a Hello Kitty bowling ball.  and yes, i want it.
my view during the meal
Le P'tit Train du Nord (Parc Lineaire), Km 0
the Sausage Inspector
Got Beef?
one of the tulips our friend brought back from Holland for us (don't tell Customs)
lounging at the pool
kayaking with one hand, birding with the other
rappelling down the waterfall
honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens 'Blanche Sandman').  July 2006
sealing the tea bags
hiking through the Sourlands Mountain Preserve
Belvedere Castle
pink dogwood
The Executive Offices
Not drug induced.
with Marion Nestle
picnic lunch on the beach
Washington Square arch
beach sheep
Royal Doulton Persian chintz plate, D3550
Chincoteague ponies
indonesian rijsttafel (rice table)
Angkor Wat
Leosarus rex.
Hosta 'Sum and Substance', possibly infected with Hosta Virus X (HVX)
area covered: 40 square feet
Nachal David
vlamsche frites (mit currieketchup)
i don't even know how to hold it
Prah Khan
preparing the second mentos/diet coke fountain
yet another yummy thali
Middleham Falls
when camping, one often has to forego many of the conveniences of home.  this means improvising with whatever tools one has available...
anticipating the show, a crowd forms
at Bamiyan
in total eclipse
..and this is the "mother"
Turkish plate, Iznik
the premiere of Gridron Gang at Grauman's Chinese Theater
Wild Lily's Tea Room
This is me giving my skeptical look.  (The claim: "Canada's Best Ice Cream!")
Apparently, many bad things can happen to you here.
Hit them with your best shot. (Fire away.)
Royal Doulton porcelain plate, D3087
Jantar Mantar, New Delhi
at Freshwater Lake
Le poutine
fat puddle.  on the plate for now; soon to be on my shirt.
Papillote's spectacular male peacock hanging outside one of the rooms
Luang Prabang, morning monk procession
starting our hike up Bull Hill (a.k.a. Mt. Taurus)
first taste of Belgian chocolate in Belgium
berry pickin' time
view frop atop Westerkerk (West Church)
(this was the 6th take)
two people; one paddler
view of the Delaware Water Gap from Mount Tammany
canoeing the shenandoah river.  watch out for the rivercows.
Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat
papyrus reeds
preparing to set sail on Lake Seneca
we had a WILD saturday night!
next year, she's having the camera surgically attached to herself
entrance to the "Bat Cave" (Nam Talu cave)
Eric's penetrating gayze
an old Syrian anti-aircraft gun
inside the Venetian
"Mary Kate! Mary Kate! Can I have your autograph?"
Czech ceramic platter
St. Viateur Bagels, Montreal
with Debi Singh in Bharatpur
so out of place
laying the tar & chip driveway.  read about it here.  and see how the tar and chip looks 2 years later, in the next photo.  It recently developed a large pothole after unusually heavy rains.  See photos on next few pages.
ice cream at Purity's
"do ya feel lucky, punk?"
life imitating art
not the "natural bridge"
patent pending
guitar lesson
See the complete vegetable inventory.
Wednesday (reprise)
Still not lost.
siamese combover?
"We Love the King"
Notre Dame, Montreal
Coreopsis & Co.
before the Altan concert
approaching the beach of Bannerman's Castle
leaving Khao Sok
These are days you'll remember
The Jefferson Memorial
Phimeanakas, Angkor Thom