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CSA Inventory, Week 10

Produce Roundup

fresh fruits and vegetables

This week’s vegetables. (Click for larger view.)

Fresh, organic and local. $12.

This week’s take:

  • Roma tomatoes: 5 lbs.
  • cherry tomatoes: 2 lbs.
  • heirloom tomatoes: 4 lbs.
  • cucumbers: 7
  • bell peppers: 3 purple, 2 green
  • summer squash: 4lbs.
  • eggplants: 2
  • Japanese eggplants: 5
  • red potatoes: 2 lbs.
  • onions: 1 lb.
  • leeks: 1 bunch
  • lettuce (Boston): 2 heads
  • basil

Not the most bountiful week so far, but not too shabby either.

Value Analysis

Product Quantity Retail Price
Retail Price
Roma tomatoes 5 lbs. $14.95 $9.95
cherry tomatoes 3 pints (2 lbs.?) $7.98 $4.98
heirloom tomatoes 4 lbs. $11.96
cucumbers 7 $5.53
bell peppers 3 purple, 2 green $7.98 $6.85
summer squash 4 lbs. (5) $3.95
eggplants 2 $4.98 $2.98
Japanese eggplants 5
red potatoes 2 lbs. (4) $1.96
onions 1 lb. $2.33 $1.99
leeks 1 bunch $1.99
lettuce (Boston) 2 heads $3.98
basil all-you-can-pick;
we took 1 bunch
$2.69 $2.69
Total (remember, we paid $12) $66.33+ $58.81+

Source:, 8-Aug-2007

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  1. Mmmm, makes me a bit jealous. We’ve just started receiving a farm pack for $25AU/week. I haven’t done a detailed analysis of how much we’re getting, but it is about half of our weekly produce, on which I used to spend $80, and way less than what you bought for $12. Sadly, even though it is all Australian, most of it isn’t particularly local (though it is the middle of winter here), and none of it is organic (virtually impossible to get in Australia). But then food is ridiculously expensive here.

    I hope you like tomatoes.

  2. Kelley said:

    That’s awesome! I went to the Union Square farmers market on Saturday and got a lot of the same stuff you did–and paid a lot more for it! I’ve been gorging tomatoes this week. I almost never buy grocery store tomatoes because they are so disappointing, so they are a special treat when I can get them at the market. I’ve been waitlisted for next year at the CSA near my apartment, so cross your fingers that I can join eventually and start reaping the benefits.

  3. Ron [author of post] said:

    Cool–good luck getting into your CSA! We’re just returning from a couple of weeks in Quebec, and let me tell you, I can’t wait to lay my eyes on our weekly carton of veggies. (I’ve had quite enough sweetbreads, meat pies and poutine for a while, thank you very much.)

    P.S., Welcome back! We should get together soon–mostly so that you can tell us all about your trip, but also so that we can share our heirloom tomatoes with you. :)


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